jollailija's homepage on the World Wide Web. Check out my profiles on other sites and some of my GitHub repositories from below!

Nettiradio Sailfish OS app for listening to Finnish net radios

Scoreboard A simple scoreboard app for Sailfish OS

Simple Stopwatch A simple stopwatch app with an unique UI

Junat.net WebView Sailfish OS WebView app for Junat.net website

TaskList w/o DropBox integration A fork of Armadill0's todo app for Sailfish OS. No Dropbox integration means you don't need an API key to build it.

Welcome my homepage!

Created with Github Pages and Notepad++

About me

Hello! I am a young guy from the cold Finland. I own a Jolla phone and I like to tweak it and write silly apps for it.
Jollailija means an operator of a small boat. The word itself doesn't really exist in Finnish, but veneilijä means an operator of a boat (vene=boat, jolla=small boat).
Since many Finnish people like to play with words, you can find many hits on Google by searching for "jollailija". However, they are very likely not related to me. That's why I put up this page: to collect my profiles from the Internet onto one place.

Contact me

If you want to contact me, you can find my email address at my GitHub profile.